Patricia Jackson was born in the tiny rural village of Hoyland Common, in the county of Yorkshire, in the heart of England. In former times this was a major coal mining district. Patricia was the youngest of three daughters and followed in the family tradition of music makers. Patricia began with classical piano lessons at the age of seven years and proved to be a naturally talented and gifted child, who excelled far beyond her years.

In a hard working class environment during the lean post-war years, Patricia's father Lawrence Jackson, a coal miner, somehow managed to finance and maintain her classical tuition in which she progressed to competition level. After years of enduring the rigours of a strict classical training, much to the dismay of her tutor and her father, the promising new classical pianist discovered a new and exciting world of contemporary music.

Patricia developed a passion for the big band sounds of Jack Parnell, Glen Miller and the Frank Sinatra band. Patricia had found the music that she wanted to play and that she could play with her heart and soul. As a result of this new found love Patricia slowly but surely veered away from the disciplines of classical tuition, which was a huge disappointment for her tutor who had aspirations of producing a concert pianist.

Patricia's first solo professional performance was at the age of sixteen as a stand in organist in a local club, where she received standing ovations and was offered a resident position by the club committee on the very same evening. Patricia floated home on a cloud of happiness that night with a purse full of money and a feeling of accomplishment; this was to be the beginning of an illustrious star studded career.

News travelled fast around the area and before long Patricia Jackson had created a name for her self and become a local hero. After founding her own instrumental trio consisting of piano, accordion and drums Patricia was inundated with venues.

Patricia went from strength to strength playing with bigger bands at better venues.

When rock and roll exploded onto the scene Patricia was offered a position as musical director at the most prestigious venue in Manchester, The Poco Club, where she accompanied non other than legends Bill Hailey, Sir Cliff Richard and The Shadows with Hank Marvin, to name a few.

Patricia went on to perform internationally with a host of big names, also performing as a soloist and as a duo with her son Laurie Jones, who followed in her footsteps and who is a singer songwriter and BMG recording artist.

Patricia played all manner of venues from cruise ships to exclusive hotels all around the world, from clubs and piano bars to packed concert halls. Delving into many diverse styles of music, from American gospel to blues and jazz, through pop and rock, in to self penned original material. With the roots of a classical background and over forty years of stage experience, Patricia Jackson has developed her own unique style in piano and vocal and with an immense repertoire, excerpts from her life as a working musician.

In concert she is not to be missed.

Patricia Jackson is the real thing!